Skjoldvor Margareta Wiseth Art

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Skjoldvor Margareta lives on an island where she has her atelier and gallery on Tjøme, Norway. Here she connects with many powerful elements of the nature, which inspire her to explore new directions with her art and paintings. She uses these experiences with the sea, weather and beaches to joyfully play with the colors, water, sand and forms in connection with the nature. She has a variety of paintings in her portfolio, with different styles and materials. She has painted many of her fascinations with different techniques, such as acryl, tempera, oil and sand.

Skjoldvor Margareta is curious and likes to explore new territories, which characterize her long and exciting llfe journey. She has been an innovative and creative Lecturer at Oslo University College, Oslo. She is educated and worked with several holistic therapies; such as Three in One Concept, based on Kinesiology, (Los Angeles, US) and integrative therapy (Germany). These experiences developed her awareness and opened new doors for creativity and life, which lead her to full time art studies at Gerlesborg School of Fine Art, Sweden.

In her childhood Skjoldvor Margareta found petroglyphs on stones at the farm she was raised. The memories have been carried forward through an amazing series of sand paintings with people, animals, ships and symbols in her own style. The sand is making them alive and exciting, while holding the connection to earth and their history carved in stones all over the world, as well as painted in many caves.

Every winter she goes to Bali to paint in Ubud, where she meets other international artists coming from all kind of places. Painting portraits of Balinese models is on of here favorite activity since she loves to connect with the Balinese people and culture, as well as painting portraits since every person has their own characteristics, personality and story.