Ingrid van der Krogt

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I'm Ingrid van der Krogt, digital artist (autodidact), and live in the old city center of Utrecht - the Netherlands. In 2012 I started editing my own photos what I really liked to do and from there my own expressions arose. From my art I make prints. What inspires me is nature, my fantasy, dreams, landscapes, mysteries and spirituality. My digital paintings are colorful, playful, expressive and naive in style. I also make a lot of small pencil sketches and since October 2014 I process them into digital illustrations which I enjoy very much.

Working with colors is for me an important guideline in making art. I am trained as a naturopathic energy practitioner and consider colors as carriers of energy that can be used for self healing  and self awareness something I often experience when creating art. Therefore in my art expressions the energetic  effect of color, and also design, has my great interest. I still study new information about these subjects which helps me a lot in my artistic growth.