Gallery Submissions

How can I submit work for the gallery?

We would love to hear from you! Send us an email with subject line "Gallery submission" to with the artwork attached that you wish to showcase, or a website link to your artwork hosted online. We will follow up with your from there.


What format should the files be?

Please send us your pictures in any common picture format (jpg, gif, png, psd, etc) in small sizes that can be received by email. Alternatively you can send us a link to your artwork/website online.


Do I need to pay something?

Exposure in our gallery is currently completely free of charge.


What about copyrights?

They belong to you! You retain full ownership of the intellectual property rights to any work you submit to us and which are showcased in the gallery.


How many people will I reach?

We just launched, so that's too early to say, but we are here to stay, and to grow. We will send you regular updates on website traffic and social media exposure.


How can I help?

Inspire other people through sharing gallery weblinks and social media posts with your friends. Don't forget to inspire yourself too! Create new artwork. Have fun.


Can I sell my art work through Codes of Freedom?

You can link to your own website or any other website where your artwork is featured or sold. Codes of Freedom are currently not selling gallery artwork ourselves, although we intend to start offering a small number of selected artwork prints in the future to be produced in-house. If you are interested in having us sell your prints please feel free to contact us.



Codes of Freedom