Sue Climpson Art

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I live in Hampshire, England and have been an illustrator for over forty years, working in many different areas of what that word encompasses. I have mostly worked as a freelance illustrator for editorial, brochures, books and advertising. Simultaneously, I have regularly worked as a graphic designer. I have contributed to animated films and I have worked in Television, mostly as an illustrator but also as a designer.

I have a degree in Fine Print and Graphic Design. I also make my own ‘Fine Art’ paintings and prints. The child of artists, I never actually considered doing anything else – and I haven’t, except for a few student jobs which served to convince me – forever – that I was really only suited to messing around with a pencil and living in the world of my imagination. To live on being an artist is a dream that many have and I have been most fortunate in that I have done that – without, need I say, actually pulling off the Becoming Wealthy Trick.

Due to my being a bit of an antique, I began my career with the use of conventional drawing materials, to which I am still am pretty addicted. I can stare at paint charts for half an hour or so, just enjoying the colour. I love the feel of a pencil on paper, of paint on a brush and the sight of a piece of stretched water colour paper – all blank and waiting… (probably best to leave it undisturbed).