Amoriyah Flowers Art

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I was born with artistic gifts and an intuitive understanding of color, symbol and design and have remained an artist throughout my life. First and foremost, however, I am a lover of that which is eternal, sacred and divine. It is always my intention to create beauty that can uplift the spirit.

I allow my paintings to create themselves. Most often, I have only a vague idea of what I will paint when I begin. I start each painting by creating a sacred space to work within offering prayers and invocations. Getting my "small self" out of the way in order to allow the Power of Creativity to flow through me is essential. 

It is my belief that creative expression is a method of healing the heart and soul. 

My creativity has helped me through many challenging phases of life. 

I have also taught classes on creating healing symbols to clear emotional pain.

 My formal education includes a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio and a Masters in Religious Education from the Unification Theological Seminary in New York.

Amoriyah's original paintings, drawings and reproductions are for sale.
She also offers custom artwork.