The COF Gallery was founded as a collaborative adventure among a group of artists who are passionate about supporting advancement of the Arts as an interactive tool for personal growth and human development.  We share the common vision that artistic expression, be it through visual, musical or theatrical arts, represents a deep and vital aspect of the human psyche, both through the creation of art and through the experience of the artistic expression of others.

   Our Vision is to create a gallery of enjoyable, attractive, interactive, positively themed visual, musical and performing arts products, through bringing together a collection of works by different artists from a variety of perspectives, to inspire personal growth, deep thinking & interactive meditational contemplation, while providing decorative design aesthetic and enjoyable interactive experience, for our customers.

   In creating the COF online gallery we also hope to provide an opportunity for showcase and increased exposure to artists within the visual, musical and preforming arts fields, by extending an invitation to participate in the continued growth of the COF gallery through free submission of their works for showcase consideration.   Artists whose works are selected by our panel as theme appropriate for inclusion in our gallery will be offered opportunity for free online exposure through our gallery website, and free promotion through our international social media networks, and will retain full ownership of their intellectual property. 

   Since the beginnings of humankind, artistic expression has served as a deep and powerful language through which aspects of the personal and collective inner psyche could express and communicate nuances of experience and expression that words alone could not capture. Artistic expression speaks to not only the conscious logical mind, but also speaks to and emerges through the subconscious mind and the creative spirit of humanity. 

   From Cave Paintings, Mandala Meditation Art and chants of the ancients, and the song, dance and design of native peoples throughout the world, to the wide array of Traditional, Contemporary and Modern artistic expression available today, the Arts have served as a Universal Language, or Creative Communication Code, through which people could express and explore the self, communicate with each other, and set the creative human spirit free.  

   It is in respect for this deeply powerful language or “Code” of communication and expression offered by the Arts, and the Freedom of creative spirit such expression provides, that we have chosen the name “Codes of Freedom”  (COF) for our website and online Gallery of the Arts.

   We invite you to join us in our endeavor, as we expand the COF gallery to include an ever-widening selection of multi-media artistic products within the visual, musical and theatrical/dance genres, and strive to bring recognition, exposure and promotional support to talented people everywhere, who engage the artistic tools of the “Codes of Freedom” to share their gifts and inspirations with the world.